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Custom Timber Framing

Precision Timberworks

Handcrafted in Seward Alaska

All of our timber frames are pre-fabricated in our shop in Seward. During the pre-fabrication process the frames are assembled and then disassembled. This makes for less time onsite and a faster raising, depending on the size of the frame raising can sometimes be done in one day. Traditional techniques and joinery are implimented on all of our frames. All joinery is layed out using two different techniques, square rule and scribe rule.

Full timber frames, hybrids, trusses and timber accents

Precision Timberworks offers many timber framing services ranging from full timber frames, to hybrids, trusses and timber accents. Sometimes a full timber structure does not meet the clients budget, timber trusses or timber accents can help with creating the timber aesthetic that is very popular in commercial and residental designs today while staying within the budget. Timber framing is only limited to one's imagination, every project big or small Precision Timberworks is there to help you create a one of a kind design. Check out our timber frame kits and floorplans page where you can customize a timber design of your choice.

Mortise and Tenon Joinery

Throughout our timber frames mortise and tenon joinery is used to ensure the frame's strength and longevity. Mortise and tenon joinery is a very old technique that has stood the test of time. The mortise and tenon joint was first created around 300 BC. Timber frame building systems have been in existance for thousands of years. All of our timber frames are fastened with wooden oak pegs.

Quality high grade materials

We take pride in using only the highest grade materials that are available. Our timber packages are cut using many different species of wood harvested in the Pacific Northwest. Sitka Spruce is harvested locally in Seward, it is a very beautiful product and has the lowest cost per board foot. Douglas Fir timbers are shipped to our shop from Oregon and Washington, free of heart center(FOHC) and box heart cuts come both rough sawn and surfaced four sides (S4S). Alaska Yellow Cedar is a premium product harvested in SE Alaska. Alaska Yellow Cedar is an extremely resilient wood that very resistant to moisture and pests. Precision Timberworks also offers hand hewn texturing on all of our frames which gives the wood a nice rustic look. 


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